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The following table lists the name and description of the services available from Primary Grounds. Contact us today for a quote to beautify your landscape.

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Table 1. Description of Available Services
Lawn Mowing Mow all lawn areas at a height of at least 3 inches on a weekly basis. This includes all mowing, weed eating, and blowing of all hard surfaces and landscape beds as needed when completed. Our goal is to leave all turf areas looking manicured and clean without leaving any clippings on site. Double cutting is often times required and will be billed accordingly. We rotate our mowing patterns weekly to create a diamond cross cut appearance which is healthier for your lawn.
Lawn Insecticide A liquid or granular application to your lawn to control surface feeding insects. This application controls popular lawn insects including fleas, ticks, sod webworm, spiders and other damaging insects.
Lawncare Round 1 An early spring application of 100% stabilized Nitrogen with a pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds.
Lawncare Round 2 A late spring application of Holganix with a slow release Nitrogen and a post emergent blanket application for broadleaf weed control.
Lawncare Round 3 An early summer application of Holganix with a slow release non-burning Nitrogen and post emergent broadleaf weed control as needed.
Lawncare Round 4 An early fall application of Holganix with a slow release Nitrogen and a post emergent blanket application of broadleaf weed control.
Lawncare Round 5 An early winter application of a slow release or all mineral granular fertilizer for winterization of the lawn (normally applied after the growing season).
Spring Clean Up This service is to clean all beds of any debris left over from the winter and cutback all perennials to prepare beds for mulch and the growing season. Spade or mechanical edging to establish a crisp 3-4 inch deep edge along all mulch beds and hard surfaces. This will allow for season long definition of the mulch bed or tree ring. This will give you a crisp, well defined and manicured bed throughout the season.
Brown-dyed Hardwood Mulch Hands down the best looking and the highest quality mulch produced! This is a Hardwood Bark Mulch product that is generously dyed with a dark, dark, dark brown colorant producing a perfectly blended high quality wood bark enhanced mulch! This product will hold its color longer than traditional hardwood mulches. This mulch will be applied to all beds and tree rings at a depth of approx. 2 inches in order to maintain your mulch beds at a good 3 inch depth at all times. Other colors available upon request.
Annual Flower Bed Preparations Prepare all annual flower beds and/or pots for planting by tilling beds, adding proper soil and nutritional amendments and removing any old flowers or debris. Flower bed preparations are required for every annual flower bed installation or change out.
Flower Care All watering and care of all annual flowers in planting beds, pots, hanging baskets and window boxes. This includes a weekly watering and dead heading service, We will also provide seasonal fertilizing, insecticides and fungicides needed to ensure healthy, vigorous plantings for the entire growing season. Primary Grounds will guarantee any flowers with this service.
Season Long Bedcare Weekly visits during the mowing season to maintain all mulch or rock beds, tree rings and landscape beds. We will physically or chemically control weeds in the beds weekly. This service also includes maintaining all perennials in the beds by deadheading and cleaning up debris weekly.
Grub Control An application of Grub Control applied in late Spring. Preventive Grub control is a guaranteed application, and it will be much cheaper than waiting to see if you have grubs after the damage has occurred.
Spring Pruning This prune will be done in the May, June time frame. Weather is a factor in the growing season and when this can be done. This will be a light prune removing up to 2/3 of the new growth.
Summer Pruning This prune will be done in the late July-August time frame. Weather is a factor in the growing season and when this can be done. this will be a light prune removing up to 2/3rds of the new growth.
Foliar Applications Sometimes spraying trees and shrubs is the only way to effectively treat a problem. Primary Grounds strives to use insect specific products that are environmentally friendly, and that target a specific pest or problem without harming beneficial insects.
Dormant Pruning This is the most important prune of the year. This is the best time to thin canopies of plants and remove dead or crossing branches. This is also the best time to do control height and shape of trees and shrubs.
Fall Clean Up The clean-up and removal of all leaves and debris from the landscape beds and tree rings. All perennials will be cut back and dead headed and the landscape beds will be prepared for winter. NOTE: The cutting back of ornamental grasses at this time will be discussed with the client and Primary Grounds to decide if this service will take place in the fall or spring.
Fall Leaf Removal Removal of all leaves and debris from the lawn, gutters and/or landscape beds in the fall. The time and frequency for removal of leaves and debris will be determined between Primary Grounds and the client and priced accordingly. Leaves and debris can be hauled off or left on site depending customers request.
Deep Root Feeding Soil drench or soil injection of liquid plant fertilizer, micronutrients, and Holganix Bionutritional formula to the root zone of trees and ornamental plants. This application will help to balance the soil food web, adjust soil pH, enhance root development & absorption of essential nutrients, build tree's resistance to insects & disease, and stimulate new growth.
Emerald Ash Borer Soil or Trunk application of systemic insecticide to Ash trees for 1 – 2 year protection against the Emerald Ash Borer. Typically trees under 20" dbh (diameter at breast height) receive a soil application and trees over 20" dbh receive a trunk application. All Ash trees in Indiana are in danger of being attacked by this pest and will die if not treated.
Tree Trunk Injections Trunk injections are a very safe and efficient method of applying insecticides, miticides, fungicides and nutritional supplements to a tree. With trunk injections there is very minimal risk to people or environment. It is also safe for the tree. Not all products can be applied in this manner, but our Certified Arborist will determine the best method of treatment in each situation.
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