Accent your landscape and home with fountains, ponds, waterfalls

Water Features Add Delightful Ambiance

Water gardens and water features such as ponds, streams, fountains and waterfalls can be a dramatic focal point in any landscape and the beauty and serenity of the sight and sound of moving water creates a peaceful, soothing ambiance by which to relax and enjoy. Primary Grounds professionals can make your outdoor space a truly special place to retreat. We also offer annual maintenance plans that include spring startups and winterization.

Consider the numerous types of water features available:

  • Landscape waterfallWaterfall with pond.
  • Landscape waterfallPondless waterfall.
  • Landscape water streamMultiple waterfalls with stream.
  • Landscape water streamPondless waterfall with stream.
  • Landscape waterfallAddition of fountain.
  • Bubbling RockBubbling rock fountain.
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