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Landscape Design Installation

The hallmark of quality landscaping is in achieving perfect balance.

Anyone can plant trees and shrubs and arrange them to look interesting. But it takes the knowledge and experience of Primary Grounds landscape designers to understand the critical and subtle aspects of landscaping; for example, knowing that some plants growing on the east side of your home might not do as well planted on the west side. You can trust Primary Grounds to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

Form, color, texture, symmetric or asymmetric balance, use of focal points are all elements of landscape design. Primary Grounds award-wining design team can meld all of these elements into a beautiful landscape plan for your home or estate that will endure the test of time.

Your dreams turned into reality.

A well conceived landscape design begins with an interview between our Landscape Architect and you to discuss your specific needs, site constraints and site opportunities necessary to develop an analysis and conceptual plan. Based upon the complexity of the project we may work through several revisions to ensure your final construction plan is perfect for your living space. We offer reasonable and competitive fee-based services whether your project is planned for immediate construction or to be phased in over an extended period.

In addition to our design staff we have an Indiana Accredited Horticulturist (IAH) on staff available to choose the right plant for your specific site conditions. We do not take risks with marginally hardy or difficult to grow plants without your consent and understanding of the conditions. We stand behind our plant installation with a 12 month warranty against death or defect within our control and normal growing conditions.