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Landscape Lighting

Transform the beauty of your home

Lighting is often far undervalued and under utilized in the residential landscape. However, a well designed lighting plan customized for your home can transform your landscape and home exterior into an inviting mix of beauty, drama and appeal. Landscape lighting can add a touch of natural beauty with the interplay of light and shadows.

Increase safety and security

Outdoor lighting can do more than enhance the architectural and landscape beauty of your property. Consider, for example, that LED yard lights are less likely to attract mosquitoes than incandescent lights. Lighting can also improve nighttime safety by increasing visibility for landscaped decks, stairs, walkways and driveways and it can improve security by detering burglars who will be less likely to approach homes that are well-lit.

Low operating cost

Outdoor lighting does not have to drive up your energy bills. New LED landscape lights are cost-effective, lasting up to 40,000 hours, and use 75% less energy than incandescent lights.

Primary Grounds is your lighting specialist

Primary Grounds has the experience and knowledge to custom design your outdoor lighting to perfectly illuminate the details of your landscape while enhancing the beauty, safety and security of your home. Check out examples of our work below, then call us for appointment.